4 August 1921 diary of Dr John Stewart Muir (1845-1938) of Selkirk

Though not quite so clear as yesterday it was a fairly good day + there were just a few drops of rain. I motored to Hospital + Oakhurst + picked up Donald Rutherford (Jock’s chum)1 + Dav. Welsh2 (…) at Wellwood. Jock3 cycled on ahead of me + we picked him up at Blackhaugh4. The walk was wonderfully dry + we got to Windlestrawlaw5 about 2. We saw Edinburgh, Fife (not distinct), N. B. Law6, Bass Rock, Tinto7 +c. Found a lot of white heather + got a few cloud berries8. Baptie9 met us at Glentress. There is no doubt the easiest way to Windlestrawlaw is from the [text deleted] there [sic]. D.R. cycled to Innerleithen where we had tea. We found Jock as far back as Fairnilea where his back tyre collapsed + then he + his bike were taken aboard the good old Swift10. This is the 4th time I have been up Windlestrawlaw + I got the best view on this occasion. Dined at Elmpark11 + had a rubber at whist when Lady B12 + I again won. Dora13 had the Smiths14 to tea.

1 Donald Rutherford was a friend of Jock’s, presumably from school, but otherwise unidentified

2 David Welsh is not identified

3 John ‘Jock’ Roberts (1904-1950), one of Dr Muir’s grandsons

4 Assume Blackhaugh, west of Clovenfords, grid reference NGR NT424,383

5 Windlestraw Law, 659m, north of Walkerburn, grid reference NGR NT37128,43091

6 North Berwick Law, 187m, to the south of North Berwick, East Lothian, grid reference NGR NT555,842

7 Tinto, 711m, west of Biggar, South Lanarkshire, grid reference NGR 95322,34368

8 Cloudberry, also Knotberry, rubus chamaemorus, is the County Flower of Peeblesshire

9 Thomas Baptie (1860-1929), driver and handyman for Dr Muir

10 The Swift Motor Company made Swift Cars in Coventry; it is not clear which model Dr Muir owned of this small motor manufacturer’s many products but it had been the ‘workhorse’ car for the practice since Dr Muir had acquired it some time before August 1914 [Source: ‘Swift Models 1901-1931’, http://www.theswiftclub.co.uk%5D

11 Elm Park, Selkirk was the home of Agnes Mackintosh née Watson, formerly Harper (1859-1946)

12 Assume Lady Belhaven and Stenton, The Hon. Georgina Hamilton née Watson (1856-1940), mother of Lady Napier of Thirlestane and sister of Agnes Mackintosh

13 Andrina Dorothy ‘Dora’ Muir (1882-1978), nurse and Dr Muir’s youngest daughter

14 Assume the Smiths of Lauriston, Philiphaugh

[Source: Scottish Borders Archives & Local History Service SBA/657/24, Dr J S Muir of Selkirk, medical practitioner, journal for 1921]

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Archivist, interests include Dr John Stewart Muir 1845-1938) of Selkirk, general practitioner, and Seton Paul Gordon (1886–1977), naturalist, author and photographer

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