19 July 1921 diary of Dr John Stewart Muir (1845-1938) of Selkirk

Rose at 3 + was ready to start for Ed. at 4.20 but it was raining: so I held off. It was fair at 5 + I swithered1 whether to take the car or cycle but decided for the latter. Left at 5.10. The roads were free from dust but not muddy. My hat blew off at Ovenscloss + I coughed out my upper plate above Caddonfoot. Got to Peebles well within two hours. It began to drizzle beyond Eddleston + I had to put on my cape. It was wet nearly all the way after, especially before + after Pennicuik [sic]. Got to Guy’s2 at 9 + had to change to my shirt. Dora3 dried my clothes during breakfast. Guy has a very snug house in a quiet retired road, the old main road4. He & I took car + I looked up Jean5 then Pike6 + Jean again. Pike looking pretty well but I advised Pilton7. Walked back to Guy’s: had some lunch + left at 2.10. coming home via West Linton + Romano. It was quite fair + I had a nice run. Stopped at Innerleithen for a pint of beer + got home at 8.30 decidedly tired. The only new bit of road for me was the 21/2 miles from W Linton to the Edinburgh Moffat road.

1 Swither, v.1, n.1 Also swuther (Rxb. 1923 Watson W.-B.); and, now chiefly ne.Sc., swidder, swudder; swydder (Peb. 1832 R. D. C. Brown Pastorals 70). [′swɪðər, ne.Sc. + ′swɪdər] I. v. 1. intr. To be in a state of uncertainty of purpose, to be perplexed about what to do or choose, be in two minds, to doubt, hesitate, dither (Sc. 1808 Jam.; Gall. 1824 MacTaggart Gallov. Encycl. 80; Uls. 1880 Patterson Gl.; Per., Fif., Lth., Ayr. 1915–26 Wilson; Bwk. 1942 Wettstein; Rxb. 1942 Zai). Gen.Sc. Vbl.n. swithering. [Dictionars o the Scots Leid]

2 The Reverend Gavin Struthers ‘Guy’ Muir (1846-1927), Dr Muir’s brother

3 Andrina Dorothy ‘Dora’ Muir (1882-1978), nurse and Dr Muir’s youngest daughter

4 Guy Muir had a house at Braid Road, which had been superseded by Comiston Road as the main road north / south through Morningside

5 Jane Henderson Logan ‘Jean’ Pike née Muir (1877-1941), Dr Muir’s eldest daughter

6 Frederick Charles Pike (1883-1921), theatrical agent, married Dr Muir’s daughter Jane Henderson Logan ‘Jean’ Muir in 1920 but is very ill by this time

7 Dr Muir is referring to the Northern General Hospital, Ferry Road, Leith (actually not far from Craigleith, later the Western General, see Ordnance Survey 6 inch Edinburghshire sheet III.NW, published 1920); built as the Leith Public Health Hospital for infectious diseases, it opened in 1896, and was also known as East Pilton Hospital [Source: Northern General Hospital, Ferry Road, Leith]

[Source: Scottish Borders Archives & Local History Service SBA/657/24, Dr J S Muir of Selkirk, medical practitioner, journal for 1921]

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Archivist, interests include Dr John Stewart Muir 1845-1938) of Selkirk, general practitioner, and Seton Paul Gordon (1886–1977), naturalist, author and photographer

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