Charitable donations of Dr John S Muir, 1920

Charitable donations 1920

The Scottish Reformation Society exists to defend and promote the work of the Protestant Reformation in Scotland. We do this by organising meetings, by publishing literature, by running an essay competition, and through the work of our local Branches.

The Scottish Reformation Society has been evangelical, Protestant, and non-denominational since its foundation in 1850. Membership of the Society is encouraged and is open to all who support its aims. []

The Longmore & Liberton Hospitals –

In 1874 the Edinburgh Association for Incurables was founded. Longmore Hospital was opened in 1875 and Liberton Hospital in 1906. In 1903 the Association had received a Royal Charter and the two hospitals together were known as the Royal Edinburgh Hospital for Incurables.

The Hospital was set up to cater for people presumed to be incurable and in need of constant medical supervision. Such patients were unable to receive attention at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, which did not have facilities to look after long-term cases. [,Royal%20Edinburgh%20Hospital%20for%20Incurables.]

Alnwick Hill Laundry was actually the Industrial Home for Fallen Women situated on the Stanedykehead, just off Alnwickhill Road, SSE of Liberton House, near the Alnwickhill Waterworks [Canmore ID 105853] and “… established 1856 for the restoration of young women willing to return to the paths of virtue … the chief employment of the women is washing and laundry work, with a little needlework …” [Source: W M’Bean ‘On the Edinburgh Industrial Home for Fallen Women, Alnwick-Hill, near Liberton’ Report of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, 41st Meeting, 1871, pp 212-213 and and Ordnance Survey 25 Inch Edinburghshire VII.4, published 1914 – all accessed 2020.06.13]

Society of the Sons of Ministers of U.P. Church not identified

Edinburgh Home for Infants

Eight charities in all and paid out £2 4s 6d.

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Archivist, interests include Dr John Stewart Muir 1845-1938) of Selkirk, general practitioner, and Seton Paul Gordon (1886–1977), naturalist, author and photographer

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